Apartment features

Why the GEM Residences is the first choice for your apartment?

Free medical service

Feeling unwell? Just downstairs to the free clinic to see a doctor, and then to pharmaceutical line close to buy medicine can!

Car sharing service

A GEM Residences provide car sharing service, why spend money to buy a car? Rent since 9 yuan per hour, also do not need to add oil, more convenient!

Private chef

Would like to open a party? You just need an invitation, GEM Residences private chef will help you prepare delicious food to treat your guests, let you easily enjoy the party!

The concierge service 24 hours a day

Arrange hour from cleaning, laundry service, to help you to buy a snack, or even help you order the popular English super football league matches, such as tickets, GEM Residences 24-hour concierge service let you already busy life simple, more convenient!


GEM Residences can provide you with everything
Create a new generation of apartment living

GEM Residences in four lane and six lane junction of shuttle kiln, walking to the Braddell The subway station. It is near the bus kiln mature town apartment project launched for the first time in seven years, must be attention. GEM Residences To provide a wide range of facilities and services to the buyer, let you like in the club to enjoy. From the first-class concierge service to free medical treatment, the GEM Residences The apartment will reform the existing way of life. GEM Residences is definitely worth you proud to call home, comfortable and enjoyable to enjoy the good place!

  • One year free use the golf club

    You can free once a month to Horizon Hills golf! Period of one year, still can bring your friends to enjoy the fun of golf

  • Free classes

    From dancing, yoga, swimming, water zumba, to cooking, baking, such as a variety of courses, waiting for you!

  • The Internet for free

    In public, not just in their own home you can also enjoy free Internet, save a fee for you!

  • Edible garden

    Rent a clearing, experience yourself the fun of vegetables and fruit, can also share your family and friends, health, and can let the home elders to kill time!

Apartment project information

For more details, please register below

The developer

GEM Homes Pte Ltd, the Evia Real Estate (jurong Lake Life 's execution condo developers), Maxdin and Malaysia Gamuda joint company.

The unit overview

A total of 578 units. More than half belong to 1 room and two room apartment. The rest for the three room to five room unit. In addition to the dual key units, we will also launch new Trikey three room type, quantity is not much, if you are interested, please contact registration.

Configuration and household appliances

We provide high quality apartment configuration and household appliances,Hansgrohe, Laufen & Smeg。

Expected completion time

2020 In April,

Demonstration house Open Day: on May 20-22 (only 3 days)

The registration right now

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